Friday, May 30
by Mathieu Régnier, Paper Advance
Raising a glass of champagne to all involved in the organization of the event was done diligently at the conference reception that preceded the PACWEST 2014 Awards Dinner. As the tradition dictates, the final night of the PACWEST Conference allows participants to unwind around a good meal and to exchange final bits of information on mechanical pulping, process control, scheduling or on shotgun golf tournament algorithms.

Prior to presenting PACWEST Paper Awards, Conference Chair, Brian Grantham, West Fraser-Hinton Pulp thanks the organizing committee along with Program Chair, Stew Gibson, Catalyst Paper. All session chairs are thanked and they present the IBMP Honorary Peddler Award to Lorne Irving.

All of this year’s paper judges are thanked for their hard work and dedication. This year’s judges are: Jennifer Boese, Meredith Illman, Alan Fung and Mark Willson. All judges were thanked for their continued support, time and effort involved in judging all papers presented at PACWEST. Participants are reminded that all abstracts are available online on the PACWEST Conference site and that the full papers can be found in the CD’s handed with participant’s welcome packages.

The Best Novice Paper Award goes to Jennifer Fowler from West Fraser-Hinton Pulp for a paper entitled “Identification of Key Odour Sources and Abatement Strategies Implemented at Hinton Pulp.” Jennifer Fowler’s collaborators on the paper are Gord Start, also from West Fraser-Hinton Pulp as well as Brian O’Connor and Steve Ellis of FPInnovations.

The Best Supplier Paper Award was presented to Jeff Butler from Metso for: “Online Recovery Boiler Reduction Degree - Data Review” (with Risto Ikäheimo, Antti Kokkonen, Metso).

The First Runner-up Award is given to Francesca Apruzzese, West Fraser-Hinton Pulp. The paper presented is: “Reduction of Carryover and Emissions by the Addition of a Directly Connected Pressure Diffuser to the Brown Stock Washing.”

Olaf Starck Canfor Pulp in Northwood received the conference's highest honor, the H.R. MacMillan "Eagle" Trophy for best paper. The H.R. MacMillan, annual Memorial Award was initiated by the Western and Pacific Coast Branches and is always awarded to a “mill paper”. Olaf Starck’s paper deals with cost-plus contracts common for turnaround and maintenance work and lump sum (stipulated price) contracts. His paper was presented as “Risk Considerations for Construction Contracts”. Olaf Starck reviewed a series of construction contracts at Canfor Pulp and analyzed their respective outcomes “in terms of risk and opportunity considerations that took place or should have taken place”.

Conference Chair Brian Grantham invites Co-Chair Che-Man Lee, Kemira from the IBMP Organizing Committee on the podium. Lee thanks sponsors and partners of the Conference and, among others, all mill executives for their active participation in this week’s program. Che-Man Lee underlines the essential work of PACWEST’s Executive Secretary Ms Mary Barnes and passes the floor to Program Chair, Stew Gibson who reveals an private conversation he had the chance to have with today’s Feature Luncheon’s Keynote Speaker. The futurist announced the dates of next year’s PACWEST conference to be held in Whistler, British Columbia from 10th to 13th June 2015. Management consultant and futurist Jim Bottomley is also supposed to have said with confidence that it would be an excellent and very productive event. IBMP’s 1st Vice President Éric Bérubé from Buckman North America presented this year’s attendance numbers. A total of 234 participants attended the conference. “An excellent attendance” says Bérubé who will be Conference Co-Chair in Whistler next year.

On the way to the Awards Dinner the PACWEST Conference coverage Team met the winner of the Best Novice Paper Award 2013: Yu Sun, UBC. The researcher attended the whole conference this week and found the experience as memorable as the one she had last year. “Each year, PACWEST invites paper award laureates to the following edition of the conference she says”. When Yu Sun received her prize in 2013 she was working for the Ligno-cellulosic Material Research Centre of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR). She is now attached to UBC’s Pulp and Paper Centre as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow where she continue to work in the area of mechanical pulping technology.