Thursday, May 29
by Carmie Lato, PAPTAC
Presided over by Conference Chairman, Brian Grantham, the Conference Forum got under way first thing this morning.

However, before inviting the Panelists to step up and share their insights on the various success keys they consider contribute to improving mill results, the first order of business was to settle an outstanding debt. The rivalry between hockey teams Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens (Habs) is legendary, as is the devotion of their respective fans, so understandably Blair Rydberg and Brian Grantham, die-hard Bruins fans, were disappointed that their hockey team lost their race to the Stanley Cup, but in true sportsmanship fashion, honored their bet with Tom Johnstone who’s Habs will hopefully be able to bring the cup home! With Game 6 of their semi-final run against the NY Rangers scheduled for later this evening, and trailing 2-3 in the series, Mr. Johnstone and every other Habs fan will keep faith that their team will continue their winning streak.

Back to conference business, Mr. Grantham proceeded to call on the panelists for their respective presentations as well as advising participants that there is great value to be gained over the course of the conference as there is ultimately always “a few nuggets one takes away that can be applied back at work” that makes the whole trip worthwhile.

Forum panel: Stew Gibson, Ted Bell, Brian Baarda, Gerry Murray, Rick Haylen, Darby Kreitz,
Larry Stefan.