Friday, May 30
by Carmie Lato, PAPTAC
While students in pulp and paper and engineering programs have participated at PACWEST in the past through poster sessions, this year they were given the opportunity to actually present their technical/research papers to attending delegates.

Ms. Anna Jamroz, Communications Coordinator at UBC, indicated that students were excited to have a forum to promote their research and connect to industry. They hope industry will in turn be excited in what they have to say, support their work, and provide feedback that will prove mutually beneficial. A total of six researcher students from UBC presented their technical papers which focused on the theme of “Improving Mills Results”.

Mr. Abbas Nikbakht, part of the Executive Team of the recently established PAPTAC Student Community which groups students from the major university centers across the country, expressed disappointment that attendance at their session was a little on the low side, but is cognizant that this forum is new to the PACWEST platform and will undoubtedly gain momentum and interest in the years to follow. Nikbakht said “This is a good first step! We want to connect to industry and we are finding the platforms to allow us to do so more readily. We look forward to having more practical projects to work on, in cooperation with industry.”

In this time of maximum change, students such as these will help forge the future of our industry.