Friday, May 30
''To Show…or Not toShow? - To Show! - The PACWEST Trade Fair''
by Carmie Lato, PAPTAC
The PACWEST Trade Fair has become synonymous with the opportunity to build sales, showcase your company’s products and ideas, as well as learn something new. The event draws regional industry personnel that suppliers want to meet. Tim Jarvis, ERCO Worldwide, was responsible for the coordination of the Trade Fair this edition and was “very pleased at the way it came together. Jasper is a great venue for the space required for such a showcase and am extremely pleased with the number of exhibitors we attracted.”

Tim further expressed satisfaction at being able to include an Exhibitor Presentations Session this year that allowed exhibitors who wished to do so the chance to present a short fully commercial-oriented presentation. With it being new, the response wasn’t as high as expected, that said, it is with confidence that Tim and the rest of the Pacwest organizing team look to expand this in future years.

FitNir and AirStream embraced the opportunity. Ms. Cheryl Sewell of FitNir presented their “Measurement for SVP-HP CIO2 Generator” – a testing that validates chlorine dioxide generation calibration model for the SVP-HP process, and David Roberts of AirStream their “High Efficiency Boiler and Kiln Fan Upgrades”.

In speaking with other exhibitors around the room, most were pleased at the chance they had to attract new customers as well as reconnect with existing ones. Every exhibitors’ wish is to increase their exposure, capitalize their investment, and ultimately obtain orders. Mr. Chris Shelley (Metso Expertune, Tuscaloosa), a first time attendee at PACWEST, felt these objectives were met for him and looks forward enthusiastically to returning in future years. The same was true for a few others, and the majority were pleased with their presence here. As one exhibitor put it: “ There is a place for all the virtual technology of today but at some point , you have to meet clients in person, shake their hands, look them in the eye, and share stories face-to-face!”