Friday, May 30
by Carmie Lato, PAPTAC
PACWEST participants took a break from the event’s program and gathered for the Business Luncheon, featuring guest speaker Jim Bottomley. After a great Indian-based lunch of butter chicken, Jim, Futurist and Management Consultant, launched right into his message about charting a path for the future to this gathering of pulp and paper delegates.

Having spoken to over one-quarter million people about future success strategies, he provided insight into how social, economic, and demographic trends are shaping the years ahead, and made the case that we are entering a whole new economy – the Age of Innovation– and that the strategies for future success are changing like never before. “If organizations want to succeed, better benefits should be imbedded into all workplace cultures and processes”, he advised, “as technology advances transform our organizations in an accelerated way. Humans needs should drive planning, not the technology itself, and processes should be guided by need-based goals .” This latter observation echoed what we heard from panelists at the conference’s Opening Forum – that today it’s, or should be, about People! People! People!

With the industry facing it’s current challenge of manpower renewal and retention and running short of having the necessary time to effectively transfer knowledge from the “older” to the “new” generation, Bottomley said it right – everyone will be learning a living!