Friday, May 30
by Carmie Lato, PAPTAC
Below constant grey skies this week, especially in the early morning hours, which nonetheless create spectacular picture-postcard settings, some 30 participants gathered at the Clubhouse this morning to set off on the 5K Fun Run/Walk through the extensive trail system of the Jasper Park Lodge before the technical program got underway for the day.

One of the hotel blurbs reads that “the grandeur of Jasper does more than simply take your breath away; it inspires you to slow your pace, to breath deeply and reflect” – and while “slowing one’s pace” is probably not the idea behind a 5k Run/Walk, the beautiful mountain vistas with their rugged snow-covered peaks touching the low-hanging clouds and the ancient ever-greens stretching along the shore and majestically reflecting in the crystal clear waters of Lac Beauvert, are without a doubt breathtaking and inspire reflection, while the teeming wildlife – grizzly bears, elks, mountain goats & sheeps, or wolves -- all of which have a secure home in Jasper National Park – would definitely inspire this walker to “pick up” rather than “slowing” the pace!”